Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Essential Factors Of Water

Have you ponder one day to think of why Pilate washed his hands about Jesus Christ issue leading to his crucifixion? Have you at all thought of the washing of parts of the body before going to pray in the mosque or before any ritual celebration?
Well the fact is that water has potential cleaning capability in real every day life as well as spiritual cleansing.
However water is an essential constituent of life. Without water NO LIFE can exist. Let us start from the simple composition of water to its complex role. Water is the combination of Oxygen and hydrogen in the proportion of one is to two respectively. Of course people say without oxygen there will be no life and that is true. Water is the only media that can transport the chemical constituents of the body without any complex formation. As such it is an essential life ingredient not only as a carrier but also as a cleansing agent. For the spiritual use of water, functions, procedures and instruction please go to our consulting room at: and you will be appropriately attended to.
Remember all our methods are natural and has no side effect. The knowledge we shall impact on you will live with you throughout your lifespan and help you also to help other especially members of your family.

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